Skrill enhancing their e-wallet to U.S. Players

Skrill is one of the leading digital wallets used for iGaming and other online transactions. The payment platform has recently undergone some major changes, many of which have been for the benefit of their U.S. players. These upgrades come just in time for the 2021 NFL season too.

What are the Updates?

The updates to Skrill have mainly been to the UX of the platform, plus the addition of some extra features to make it even easier to use. The UX overhaul is applicable across the iOS, Android, and desktop applications. It has been redesigned to give a modern and state-of-the-art look to appeal to the modern bettor of 2022 – whether they are a casual user or a VIP.

The developers have chosen a display that places the most important information and features front and centre for players. This should help them to deposit faster than ever before. In addition to this, they have streamlined the registration process to allow first-time Skrill users to sign up quickly and get ready to play with their favourite iGaming brands.

Easier Deposits and Withdrawals

Further improvements to the features can be found with the deposits and withdrawals to this e-wallet. First-time depositors will be able to link their bank accounts securely and quickly, or can use their debit or credit cards. In addition to this, Skrill can also accept deposits from paysafecard or Paysafecash, both of which are owned by Skrill’s parent company Paysafe. Returning customers will be able to skip to deposits in a single click from thelog in page, streamlining the time it takes for them to pay and play.

Withdrawals are also available to be accessed in real-time. Money in the Skrill account can be used for payments with a Skrill Visa Prepaid Card – allowing money to be withdrawn from an ATM or transferred to a linked bank account. Skrill users with an interest in cryptocurrency can even invest their funds into this area directly thanks to Skrill’s crypto exchange feature.

For the Benefit of the Players

These new updates to the Skrill wallet have come about thanks to the wishes and needs of the users. Paysafe’s Q4 2020 research discovered that U.S. bettors want their payments to be as fast and as frictionless as possible, and that this was often a top concern when choosing an online sportsbook.

Skrill has responded to these needs fantastically. Their updates to their e-wallet come just in time for the 2021 NFL season. At a time when sports fans might be getting ready to place wagers on their favourite teams, Skrill has ensured that their wallet can provide speedy and secure deposits and withdrawals, plus a UX that is simple to navigate even for a first-time user.

As sports betting rolls out across many U.S. states, sports fans will need safe and secure payment providers to help manage any betting they wish to do. These latest updates from Skrill show that they are willing to meet this challenge.

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